Sunday, August 5, 2012

Art Journal Calendars

Six months worth of Art Journal Calendar pages!  I have finally learned how to do the following very important stuff:  1) scan; 2) post pictures side by side; and 3) read HTML code.  Go me!  So ... I'm thinking there's hope for me to get my July pages done, now that's it's August, yes?! 

January's design was inspired by my taking an online class from Junelle at Yes and Amen blog.  She taught me how to do funky hats for Christmas tags, so I just carried it over into January.  There I go again ... late as usual.  HA

February hearts - I really love those dangling hearts as part of the title.  And I had one heart left over so, doesn't every girl wear winged hearts on her hat during the month of February?  I think so, especially if the bottom part of your dress is made out of scrunched up music paper.

March design came about for two reasons: 1) I had purchased a set of new house stamps that I was dying to use, and 2) Normally, the month of March is still rather chilly around here with short days that make it dark outside when I return home from work. This year - not so much! Who says global warming isn't real?

In April, I was learning to do zetti style ATCs so I gave my April girl some zetti arms and zetti leg tights. She loves 'em, because it helps keep her dry when April showers bring May flowers.  This month, I experimented with pan pastels for the first time.  That's what I used to color the leaves.  Makes 'em go POP!   

May flowers, as promised! Now, my life began to get crazy in late April throughout the summer, so this time I pulled out one of Christy Tomlinson's she art girl stamps and simply cut and colored. But I DID make the flowers grow!

By June, summer jump was in full swing (read between the lines, it really says that we go-go really fast, and make unexpected twists and turns as we go-go really fast). Thus, the roller coaster border on the bottom of the pages. I love the banners for the title because they flip-flop in the wind just like my hair does when we ride the motorcycle or take the ugly old red corvette for ice cream.

Here's to the next six months!