Wednesday, September 14, 2011

She Loves She Art

More "she art" to show you!  Some time back, we had a women's ministry summer gathering at church entitled "Singing in the Rain" and our guest speaker was a lovely lady named Amber who shared her powerful testimony about the loss of her 7 year old daughter to an inoperable brain tumor, and Amber's resultant crisis of belief 5 years later.  Her wrestlings with God took her through unimaginable grief, leaving her alone with her questions.  Have you ever questioned God?

Ultimately, God won Amber's heart in a year-long wrestling match when she came to realize that He loves her no matter what.  As a thank you gift for ministering to our group, I made Amber this 8x8 canvas with the bible verse "She can do all things through Christ who strengthens her".  I think I love this canvas more than any others I have done.  It's color palette is soothing, and so is it's theme.

A matching composition notebook  joins the canvas, in the same soothing colors.  I do love butterflies, oh yes I do!  On these types of mixed media projects, they just "fit" the flighty nature of the art, don't you agree?  Butterflies in headbands, hair pony tails, dress trim, and backgrounds.  Flutter by butterflies!

This morning, I am thankful for my creative times.  Time that allows me to reflect and ponder my own "wrestlings with God" and how he ultimately won my own heart.  We all have a story to tell.  We are all stories in the making aren't we?  Today, as I go about my busy day at work and in life, I will remember that "She can do all things through Christ who strengthens her."

Friday, September 9, 2011

I Heart My Art Buddies

What's not to like about peanut m&m's and art buddies?  I found a few more pics of our adventure with Donna Downey, so I thought I'd post 'em!  No project pics (unless you count the m&m masterpiece!). 
Donna is a good talker.  So am I.  That is why my name spelled backwards is YAK.  I am not sure what she is explaining here, but suffice it to say she is a good talker-teacher!  Getting to know Donna was half the fun!  

Being with your scrappy buds is like breathing air -- we need it, don't we ladies?  Our scrappy gang enjoyed a 'licious mexican dinner afterwards.  Arn't we the babes? 

Friday, September 2, 2011

"Dear God", she prayed ...

"Dear God" she prayed, "Let me be something at every minute of every hour of my life. And when I sleep, let me dream all the time so that not one little piece of living is ever lost." Have you ever worked on a 12x12 canvas? I had worked with 12x12 scrapbook pages in the past, so why not give it a try in the mixed media art world?! (she said to herself) So ... she did.
And it was both fun and freeing to have the opportunity to fill a lot of extra surface area, all around my little darlin' girl. Now, I could have made little darlin' girl BIG, but maybe next time. For now, I like her full profile. I love the uneven ruffle on her dress, hemmed with pearls. (Be warned: I am brewing up a little idea inside my head to make a big profile using only her face and upper body. I brew ideas, not coffee.)
And a notebook to matchy matchy. Guess who is typing on a new laptop? And guess who went to see the movie "The Help" yesterday? I live a charmed life, I do!Now, I must go and "labor" on Labor Day. As in, I have been to 8 states in 2 weeks, and only taken 2 vacation days (in addition to the weekends), all in a car (not in an airplane), and that means the laundry needs done. I just got a telephone call from my High School Math Teaching Son, Keaton, who wanted to know if he would look like a cool High School Math Teacher in a white double pocket dress shirt? The issue was the double pockets, he said. He thought math teachers only wear 1-pocket shirts. So, ultimately, after deep, soul-searching conversation, we decided that he would be a trend-setter. My son, the trend-setter. Yes, I really do live a charmed life, I tell ya!