Wednesday, March 14, 2012

366 Calendar Challenge

Calendar - January
I'm keeping an Art Journal Calendar this year, in keeping with Kate Crane's 366 Challenge (leap year adds the extra day, thus making it a 366 challenge instead of a 365 challenge).  As if you didn't know about leap year already - LOL!  Here's a peak at my February calendar page .... isn't she fun?

February Calendar (She Art Girl)

I know that some people find it difficult to write everything into that tiny little 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 size square, but I'm not too bothered by it.  Here's my secret:  At the beginning of the month I send myself an email with an entry for that day; then I simply reply to myself each day and add more journaling as the days go by.  Then, when I am so motivated (cuz, you know you just have to do it whenever the mood hits ya), I print it out and journal onto my calendar page.  It works for me, and when something works then do it!  Whatever works, baby!  Here's the whole month of February.

I may incorporate my monthly emails at the back of my book, eventually.  That way, I will have ALL my words documents rather than just a few key thoughts inside the squares.  Or not.  We'll see how I feel about that down the road.  I'm having fun with it, that's for sure!  So ... do something that works for ya and have fun today!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Personalized Foam Stamps

Yep, you read it right.  This is a stamped image of my very own hand-drawn stamp!  Won't this be fun on backgrounds!  On this particular sheet of foam, I drew a little of everything ... but just think how fun a repetitive background pattern will be!  Be still my heart, this is way cool!!!

I want to thank ArtKitty on AFA for sharing this fun new technique with me, and sending me some foam sheets to give it a whirl.  We traded some ATCs, and the cards I received from her are A-dor-able.  They are cats ... named Pistashio and Bill & Fred.  They are going to love living with me.  Thanks for making my mailbox do the happy dance!  It was SO fun trading with you!