Tuesday, May 31, 2011

She Had Three Hearts - Art Journaling

My next big creative adventure is Art Journaling. The same craft buddy who introduced me to She Art (also lovingly known as "Cindy the enabler") has now introduced me to Art Journaling. So a few of us craft buds are taking Christy Tomlinson's latest online class entitled She Had Three Hearts. Here is my journal cover (Gesso'd - of course!).Here’s my mess! The hand-written journaling around the heart says: “The Lord does not look at the things we look at. We look at the outward appearance. The Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7) It doesn’t exactly follow Christy's 3 heart theme (world, family, me). While in church on Easter Sunday a few weeks back, I remember the Pastor saying “It’s all about the heart” and it stuck with me. Then yesterday when I was at Borders, I found a Beth Moore book entitled “A Heart Like His” so I figured it was meant to be! I’ll enjoy keeping this journal a lot! It’s a 7x10 size.

Thanks Cindy - I know you're there! :)

She Art Journals

Since I'm so into She-Art these days, I decided to practice by making some for the girls in my monthly swap group. I transformed composition notebooks into She Art Journals. And if they are not into journaling, then it will be a fun place to keep grocery lists! LOL! For me, discovering Gesso has been monumental. My husband might find Gesso'd socks and underwear someday, cuz I'm Gesso-ing everything in sight! The covers of these composition notebooks, once Gesso'd, were a fabulous surface to work on. This first girl says "the more the merrier". Love that. She's a happy little thing.

Little miss hat girl is sporting the number 26 -- symbolic to me because that was my son's soccer number for like-ever. He even designed a line of clothing (t-shirts) all with the number 26.
I love Butterfly girl for so many reasons, besides the butterfly in her cute hair that swoops because the wind is blowing it! LOL I love the red, and I love the friendship theme. Love love love!

Next we have a Flower Child from the 70s who is really skinny. I messed up her shirt, so I just kept adding on to it until it became a tunic. Good thing it finally worked, or we'd have a maxi-dress.

Lastly, I wanted to try a completely different color scheme in the tan-brown family. Love her blond hair piggy tails. When she was done, I sat back to take a look at the girlfriend I had created and said out loud -- WOW, you are a chubby girl! Thus the saying, Think BIG. I kinda relate to this one the most ... I'm just sayin!

All-righty then! This bunch of she-art girls are kinda like a little family to me. The others that I've made were all individually done. I guess that's why this bunch seems like a bunch of sisters. Funny how paper ladies with no faces can have such personality!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She Art for Mother's Day

This canvas was a gift to my daughter for a Happy Mother's Day. It reads "She was the keeper of her family" which was so very perfect for the occasion! She oh She .... I am on a roll, babycakes! I love the way this little gal turned out. I love the detailed trims on her collar and dress, and dig that cool hat and hair! Can I just say once again for the record, lest you forget, that I am really really really enjoying this paint, art, stamp, mess, cut, paste, draw, doodle, kind of fun! Did you check out Christy Tomlinson's blog yet? I'm debating over taking her next online class -- She Had Three Hearts. I hope you have the most wonderfulest of days! Thanks for dropping by.

She Art Revision

I posted a picture of this little canvas in my last blog post, but I was never really satisfied with how it turned out. So this is my new and improved version! I kinda love it now! No need to toss it out and start over ... just add, and add a little more, and add a little more more. That's one of best things about the whole "She Art" process - there's no such thing as a mistake. Love that! Here's the story behind this canvas. Ever since my mamma went to heaven a little over a year ago, there is a darling lil 'ole 80-something year ole' lady at my church who gives me a hug EVERY Sunday. She hugs me and says "This is from your mamma until you get to heaven too." She reminds me so much of my own mamma -- beautiful white hair, bright eyes and smile, and a fun giggly laugh. Now tell me, isn't God so good! So I added the saying "There's nothing like a mamma-hug" and gave it to her for Mother's Day. The number 87 on the canvas is significant, because that's how old my mom was when she died. So you see, I really do kinda sorta love this piece of art after the revision. The picture below was the first go-round, so you can really see the difference.

Yay for She Art! I am so thankful for my good friend, Cindy, who shared She Art with me. And I am so thankful for Christy Tomlinson's willingness to teach others to have "art in our heart" through her online She Art class. Check it out -- I think you'll be glad you did!