Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog-Tag: A Game For a Virtual Meet-n-Greet

As a blogger, people may know you, but how good does anyone really know you? Turns out, I've been invited to play a game of Blog-Tag! My good blog-buddy Becky Oehlers tagged me, so click on over to her blog-palace and be inspired by her papercrafts, or her professional singing, or her golden sense of humor. She's a boatload of fun! For those of you who just landed here from there, welcome to my creative blog where I ramble and rant and rave about my papercraft obsession. But wait, I don't stop rambling there ... oooooh noooo. My other blog "Dream Big" is where I ramble and rant and rave about my life and what's in my head. Pick your poison!

Okay, then ... seven random or weird facts about myself:
  • My dad karate-chopped me in the hallway in the middle of the night while I was on a trip to the bathroom --- he thought I was a burglar. I do not think that gave him a license to karate chop, however, the sound effect was pretty awesome.
  • My husband lost his checkbook on the day of our wedding. I don't care what you say, he was not scared of me! We met at work, he fired a guy and I worked in personnel {The cute night shift foreman meets cute little number in the office}. We met and married within 4 months.
  • Fav Quote: From birth to age 18, a girl needs good parents. From 18-35 she needs good looks. From 35-55 she needs a good personality, and from 55 on she needs cash.
  • My rented min-van was stolen while vacationing in San Diego, along with my mother's wheelchair, my scrapbook, and my sisters' wine from the Sonoma Valley. Cops said it was over the border within 10 minutes. Bet they enjoyed that ride!
  • I went to college in Ann Arbor, Michigan and studied music. Then went to work in a law firm for the next 25 years.
  • I'm pretty much a perfectionist - but a recovering perfectionist so that has to count for something. I clean and straighten and organize and detail everything that moves. I'm one of those "if you can't do it right, don't do it" people. Go ahead, roll your eyes. I'm cleaning the fuzz out of the laptop keys as you read this ...
  • It's all about my hair. I cannot function without lipstick and hand creme. And a purse that is a small piece of luggage.
Okay, Becky actually gave me a blog-tag choice but I like the questions on the second round too, so I'll play along!

Things I love: Jesus, my family, San Francisco, scarves, scrapbook stores, hanging with the hood (neighbors), purses, cold weather, TV show-Sisters & Brothers.

Things I don't love: Dark country roads, sushi, mornings, clutter, cop and reality tv shows, negative-talk.

Songs on my IPod: Sing-songy songs, mostly from TV commercials: Regina Spektor, Lenka, Kate Nash, Priscilla Ahn, Katie Herzig, Jack Johnson, Ingrid Michaelson, Sondre Lerche and various christian artists.

Favorite Food or Drink: Salmon, Salad, soup in bread bowls, Paradise Cafe Gingerbread Cookies. Must have Diet Coke ... must have Diet Coke.

Now the FUNNEST part ... tag, you're it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Spread the wealth ....

No, I am not re-hashing politics. Wouldn't be prudent at this juncture. But I thought it might be fun is to share some awesome blogs with you while I am MIA, during my son's recovery. So, it's time for another blog roll! When I discover new blogs in cyberspace that are worth discovering, I like to share them with you. I hope you enjoy the blog-hop!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Caution: Not Your Usual Creative Post

Where ya been Kay? The answer is ... 1000 miles in distance, a million emotions, and a zillion prayers. Click here to get the low down on Keaton's accident. Blogland is a like a comfy robe and plush slippers -- thanks so much for your support. Come December when I return home, my inspiration may hit warp speed or I may hit the wall. But either way, Christmas cards are gonna happen, baby! Right now, I am thanking God for His miracle on Keaton's life and for scallop punches that I anticipate using on my Christmas cards (among other things). Hugs!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Final Round of Victorian Christmas Cards

My love affair with the Crafty Secrets Victorian Christmas stamp set is officially over!. These last two cards complete my submissions to Papertrix, a wonderful stamp store located in Nashville, Indiana. I was delighted to be a card-designer for them and it kicked my Christmas Card-Making MoJo in high gear! My first card features tiny mini-pearls around the scallop. My second card did not photograph well because I could not get the flash to adjust to the wonderful, beautiful, gold & silver embossing ... but you get the idea, yes?

Let's dish for a quick minute about art-sketch stamps, such as this Victorian Christmas set. Here's the thing. It was a real challenge for me to create with these images. I found them to stamp so beautifully that it was almost hard to mess with Mother Nature! Some cards I liked more than others (particularly Father Time). Overall, I'm glad I stretched myself creatively.

So ...bye bye Victorian Christmas, my stamp stash awaits me! I'm headed for cutsie tootsie, or simply stunning, or bold and beautiful, or crisp and clear. Gonna be so much fun! The point is ... Creativity is Good!