Monday, May 3, 2010

Cry With Me, Mr. Butterfly

I have a friend, Debbie, who is way more than a friend. A sister, really. We've gone through LIFE together. Ups & downs & all arounds. Not enough room on the ole' blogeroonie, or time in the day if I got started on the travels we've traveled together. The most recent season of life we've traveled together is the death of her husband, George, at the early age of 66. Cancer claimed his body. God claimed his soul. We are claiming His promises and, girlfriend, that alone makes ALL the difference in moving on! Hard as it is. Heart-breaking as it is. One step at a time.
I made these cards for Deb to write special notes to special people who shared their sympathies in so many loving ways. Perfect butterfly, don't you think?
I am l-o-v-i-n-g the hand-dyed crinkled seam binding. Here's a great video that's worth your time. The crinkled effect adds a vintage feel, not to mention how you can paint the rainbow with your choice of colors! And the best part ... in my humble opinion ... is how the bow goes through the mail. It's all nice and crinkly in the first place, and it's a thin material that smooshes into the envelope very well, and since it's already crinkly - it just gets better en route! :)
George Proctor -- enjoying heaven!

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Sandy from Ukiah said...

I think the butterflies are perfect and I think you friend is very lucky to have YOU for a friend.