Saturday, April 2, 2011

ATC Fun!

First things first .... yes, I got a blog-lift (similar to a face lift but I would NEVER do that). As much as I love Joanne Rivers, I don't want to BE her! I'm simply celebrating the thought of Spring, so I felt like a blog-lift with some new splotches of color would be fun! Now then, my fascination with ATCs and my sister's birthday collided (whether she wanted it to or not - tee hee!). I purchased a 7 Gypsies Vintage Receipt Holder and filled each and every little clip with an ATC that celebrates her! Happy Birthday Joyce! I love that I get to be your sister. It's so fun sharing life together, and it's a double bonus to be the best craft buds too! Each card was a little piece of art where I got to use all manner of supplies, stamps, and embellies. My desk was a mess, but my creative little heart was happy!
Joyce & I both love Papertrey, so I made sure to incorporate that! Isn't the little dress form with the skirt too cute? Another fun thing was using Martha Stewart's picket fence border punch, it's darling.
Unity Stamps are responsible for those two cute girls -- we're in this together! There's a new Prickly Pear stamp below -- the heart with wings. "Hello Sisterpants" is just something I said to her on the phone recently, so I put it on a card -- kinda reminds me of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, or whatever the heck that was! LOL
Probably one of my fav ATCs on this project was the beautiful Unity rose stamp pictured below. It's a stand alone beauty -- needs no additional color, the stamp is so nicely detailed. And the fun thing about that stamp is that I bought it at the Scrap-Mart booth during the Indianapolis Heirloom Stamp Show --- and that's where we met Katie! Joyce & I enjoyed dinner with her that evening and it was a great time, fun memory!
Wonder how old she would be if she didn't know how old she was?
I pulled out my Dizstresser to give many of these ATCs an aged look. Okay, I'm now officially ready to do ATC's! This fun project got my ATC motor all revved up - again.


IndyCinD said...

Okay... I don't want to say it... but.... I TOLD YOU SO!!!! I knew you would love the world of ATCs! And you're so dang good at it too!
They reflect the fun it sounds like you had making them. And... Happy Birthday Joyce!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

You have been one busy lady.. I still don't know what ATC is. :-( I love your new blog face lift.. hugs