Tuesday, May 31, 2011

She Art Journals

Since I'm so into She-Art these days, I decided to practice by making some for the girls in my monthly swap group. I transformed composition notebooks into She Art Journals. And if they are not into journaling, then it will be a fun place to keep grocery lists! LOL! For me, discovering Gesso has been monumental. My husband might find Gesso'd socks and underwear someday, cuz I'm Gesso-ing everything in sight! The covers of these composition notebooks, once Gesso'd, were a fabulous surface to work on. This first girl says "the more the merrier". Love that. She's a happy little thing.

Little miss hat girl is sporting the number 26 -- symbolic to me because that was my son's soccer number for like-ever. He even designed a line of clothing (t-shirts) all with the number 26.
I love Butterfly girl for so many reasons, besides the butterfly in her cute hair that swoops because the wind is blowing it! LOL I love the red, and I love the friendship theme. Love love love!

Next we have a Flower Child from the 70s who is really skinny. I messed up her shirt, so I just kept adding on to it until it became a tunic. Good thing it finally worked, or we'd have a maxi-dress.

Lastly, I wanted to try a completely different color scheme in the tan-brown family. Love her blond hair piggy tails. When she was done, I sat back to take a look at the girlfriend I had created and said out loud -- WOW, you are a chubby girl! Thus the saying, Think BIG. I kinda relate to this one the most ... I'm just sayin!

All-righty then! This bunch of she-art girls are kinda like a little family to me. The others that I've made were all individually done. I guess that's why this bunch seems like a bunch of sisters. Funny how paper ladies with no faces can have such personality!

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