Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Donna Downey Class - People Pics

Here's our gang, here we are with THE Donna Downey. Aren't we just the cutest chicka's on the block? This picture was taken before class started. I know this because (a) the table is still neat and (b) everything is still in my gallon size ziplock baggie. See it sitting on the table? LOL Here's my traveling buddy Lynn in her new Donna Downey apron! It's a true fashion statement babycakes! Diva -- through and through. Love this girl.

For a quick minute, Sisterpants mistakenly thought she was in a hair salon and was about to give Linda a trim! Look at the look on Linda's face .... priceless! Notice the Welcome Donna sign hanging on the wall? I thought that was such a nice touch. Kudo's to Altered Angel for putting on such a fun event!

Talk about a look on someones face?! Check out Ms. Downey herself! That just cracks me up. It's so Donna. I have no earthly idea what prompted the look, but it absolutely positively most assuredly qualifies as the look doesn't it?!
I wanted to post a picture of Donna that was not the look - so here ya go! She was demonstrating how to use modeling paste with stencils, which adds a very cool texture to your page or canvas.

Take a looksy at Lynn, peeking through the crowd at Donna's demonstration, looking all cute in her fashionista apron! Someday, we are going to find her on the Advanced Style blog - I just know it!

Here's a shot of me and sisterpants! Smiley Sisterpants are we!

The three musketeers - Kay, Lynn, and Sisterpants Joyce. I was having a decent hair day. Don't you just love life when you have a decent hair day? It's all about the hair.

Fun times, fun friends, lots of laughs, good memories, beautiful art, fabulous teacher, very cool scrap book store, lots of learning, reflective thinking, and the presence of peace in my heart. So thankful for it all.


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh it looks like you all had a FABULOUS time.. AND you are so right, "it's all about the hair".. and your's was definitely looking good. I am so happy you had such a wonderful time... makes me miss my sister. God has truly blessed you my friend... life is so short. Hope you are having a wonderful trip in DC... it's so hard to let go isn't it.. BUT what an amazing GOD we have. love and hugs

IndyCinD said...

Looks like fun, and how could it not be fun with a group like that?
Tell "Sisterpants" I said hi and hugs to all the Atlanta girls.