Monday, October 12, 2009

Just Bee-Cuz

Ever want to do something, just bee-cuz? Then the ladies who receive these notebooks will now have a place to write it down just in case they want to do it just bee-cuz!
I suppose the cutest part of these notebooks are the red polka dots on the blue cardstock, mixed with the colorful papers! Oh, no I'm sorry! I was mistaken. It's the bee, an old Angel Company set that warrants a nod for being too cute!
Oh, no I'm sorry! It's the matching inside cover and the adorable flower punch that stays near my right hand at all times. How is it that the littlest things make us card-makers the happiest?!
I have beans cooking & cornbread baking, along with a fresh apple cake made from apples we recently got from the orchard. Just bee-cuz. Have a super duper day, just bee-cuz!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

You are sooo funny... I think it was YOU that makes everything so adorable... how is dh doing?

Janine said...

Holy moly girlfriend you are just a notebook making machine!!
I LOVE them all!!