Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Little More Valentine Love

Yes, I know it's over (Valentine Day - that is) but I got more good stuff to post. Indulge me, for the sake of LUV! I covered some heavy cardboard canisters and they turned out so caaaa-ute! The little one on top is painted and stamped, and it holds a little gift for my sister. It is adorable. The big one -- that's a whale of another story I tell ya. It holds a batch of chocolate no-bake cookies for my son who lives in DC. If the cookies arrive in a jillion pieces, it's still good right?
I covered the big canister with valentine paper, which was a fun and messy thing to do using Modge Podge. But the joke was on me ... because even though it looks like a cutie, once I got done covering it, then the lid didn't fit! LOL So I started junking it up with various embellishments to make up for the no lid. But I decided to send the un-fit lid along with it, just so he could see how cute it "would have" looked and it's still good, right? I mean, it has cookies in it, after all!!
Dig this "family" label I found in my stash, don't you?
The small canister has a squishy flower embelly on the lid -- made with various graduated sizes of circle scallops and papers. (just spray each scallop with water and squish the paper into a wad; unfold and layer together)
The Valentine cards are larger than normal (5x5). This one using one of Papertrey's fillable frames dies and matching stamp - love it!
More Papertrey on these cards -- the flower and leaves are one of their dies. In fact, this particular flower is my fav because you can bend the petals up for dimension. It looks great EVERY single time. Well -- okay then -- this year's Valentine attempts can go down in history!

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