Saturday, April 7, 2012

Little House Swap

Meet my neighborhood.  This was my first swap ever on the AFA website.    I got through it with no hiccups.  I didn't break any swap laws or nothing!  You know how it goes, I just wanted to do everything "right" my first time around.  
 These little ATCs first went to Oregon.  They had a layover there.  Then, one of them stayed in Oregon with the swap host.  The rest split up and went to Texas, Illinois, and Michigan. 
 Most of the collage papers used for the houses were from my scrap bin.  I don't really remember how I got the idea to make a heart shaped balloon flying overhead, but I like it.  Can't say that I've ever had a heart shaped balloon fly over my own house, but there's always tomorrow!
Yes, I AM learning to listen to the quiet peace of my heart.  Inside my own little house.  In my own little scrap room.  Such a fun way to put one's art heart out into the world.  I received some beautiful little houses in return!  One of them says "Bless This House".  Well said! 

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