Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas "Microscope Glass" Necklaces

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (belated, of course, but genuine none-the-less)! I've been truly on-the-go since Thanksgiving but I didn't want to miss posting a few goodies that I was able to work on throughout the holidays. These adorable Christmas necklaces were the perfect gifts for my precious little granddaughter and niece. Simple too. 1x1 inch memory glass and frames (by Ranger), hanging on a fan-pull chain (purchased from local hardware store), and I added a cute little crystal jewelry heart.

I used some Christmas scrapbook paper, and specifically cut out the part that I wanted to frame, and then stamped the words on there separately.

Same technique with the 1x3 glass slides and frames. I gave these as gifts to all the girls in my family when we gathered together for Thanksgiving.
I've seen these necklaces for sale on Etsy for a pretty penny, but I think these are just as cute and believe me ... they are affordable!

Since the frame simply clicks open and shut, it would be fun to cut some "interchangeable" pieces of scrapbook paper that one could simply switch out the necklace after the holidays are over. Oh, I love it!

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